JG Wellness Lifestyle Transformation

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It is with great pride that I introduce you to one of our developed wellness plans for individuals looking to take charge of their life and help decrease their hospital/doctor visits and thereby reduce their healthcare spending.

JG Wellness Lifestyle Transformation:

This is an exclusive program that spans the length of 3 months (90 days), 1 hour session every week, for 12 weeks. The purpose of the program is to completely change several behaviors of the patient or client so that eating habits, exercise habits, and feelings for oneself (self confidence) are significantly better than prior to the Lifestyle Transformation. While the 21-day challenge is effective at modifying specific behaviors, the JG Wellness Lifestyle Transformation aims to impact every aspect of the individual’s wellness; some may only need to modify specific behaviors, but this affects everything. By addressing all aspects of wellness (e.g. physical and mental) we steer our patients or clients to reach their greatness!

  • First session: 1 hour phone or “skype based” conversation on establishing an emotional connection/understanding of the patient or client. Prior to the first session, the client will fill out a brief total health questionnaire addressing diet, exercise, stress levels and submit it to the coach and prepare for the 1 hour session. The focus of that session is to implement a program immediately and modify as the program continues.

  • Second to fourth session: After the implementation of the program the next sessions are all about support with accountability. The need for motivation in this stage is high because starting is always the most challenging phase. Individuals are prone to procrastinate rather than take action. Support and accountability insures that the patient or client accelerates rather than stays in stagnation.

  • Fifth to eighth session: Tackle sabotage/inevitable defeat. The obstacle of an entire lifestyle change can be immense for many which may make individuals retrogress back to original behaviors because originally those tendencies were comfortable.

JG Wellness is prepared to prevent this from happening; therefore we implement a strategy called “anchoring” that keeps individuals on point.

  • Ninth to twelfth session: The client has moved past the hardest phases and at this point they most likely have habituated. There will be a need to induce a new challenge, at the same time there is also a need for reflection because with success always comes new opportunities to ascend. We never should think ourselves as reaching the precipice or the pinnacle. As the saying goes, “if you’re the most successful person in the room, then find a new room.” Our goal is to tackle new challenges and keep you on the track to your inevitable greatness!

  • *Important points about the JG Wellness Lifestyle Transformation:

o The client will receive newsletters every weekend (12 weeks, 12 newsletters) about general wellness from JG Wellness to keep them informed and on track. This is important because not only does it show that we want to educate our patients or clients, but we also want them to know that we are still with them always. This is an opportunity for them to email us back about questions with the newsletters and how they are doing in the process.

o We are also able to provide supplements and meals from our vendors at a cost to add value and physically show what portion control looks like.

  • Cost of JG Wellness Lifestyle Transformation - $1,497.00 (3 payments of $499.00)
  • Group pricing for families or businesses: JG Wellness group constitution – minimum of 3 participants for $3,143.70 (30% off – originally $4,491.00), and $1,047.90 for every new participant.

Final key note - from the team of JG Wellness, It is important to realize that fads or changes that are brief are not the solution, it is the antithesis to lifestyle change. The JG Wellness Lifestyle Transformation will address all aspects of your wellness to improve your overall quality of life.The JG Wellness Talent Team