Coach Proctor 21 Day Challenge

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It is with great pride that I introduce you to one of our developed wellness plans for individuals looking to take charge of their life and help decrease their hospital/doctor visits and thereby reduce their healthcare spending.

Coach Proctor 21-day Challenge:

This is an exclusive program that our wellness coach Reginald Proctor designed. He has tested it on clients and has received positive feedback. While there is a negative perspective towards the 21 day habitual change, we know that aligning the patient or client for behavioral modification brings them closer to success, especially with the JG Wellness Talent Team behind you!We implement this technique and employ a strategy that introduces coaching and consistent communication in order to build ahealth specific behavior. The purposeof the 21-day challenge is to focus on one specificand realisticgoal (e.g. diet, physical activity, stress release, smoking reduction) and provide coaching sessions to guide the patient or client to reach their inevitable success!

  • First session: Up to 1 hour phone or video conversation on establishing an emotional connection/understanding of the patient or client. Prior to the first session, the client will fill out a health questionnaire and submit it to the coach and prepare for the 1 hour session.
  • Second session: 20 minute phone or video conversation the day after the first session. Patients or clients can sometimes be overwhelmed by the obstacle of change, the purpose of this session is toreach out and keep them on track.
  • Third to fifthsession: 20 minute phone or video conversation every other day/twotimes a week to “check in” and provide positive-continuous coaching with lessons/information about why they need to change, the importance, and how positive the outcome will be.
  • Sixth session: 20 minute phone or video conversation reflecting on the journey and recognizing positive change and progress. We also provide tools with which they can keep their new habit as a lifestyle. 
  • *Important points about the 21-day challenge: 
    • The client will receive newsletters every weekend (3 weeks, 3 newsletters) about general wellness from JG Wellness to keep them informed and on track. This is important because not only does it show that we want to educate our patients or clients, but we also want them to know that we are still with themalways.
    • We are also able to provide supplements and meals from our vendors at a cost to add value and physically show what portion control looks like.
  • Cost of the Coach Proctor 21-day Challenge - $497.00
    • Group pricing for families or businesses:
      • JG Wellness group constitution  minimum of 5 participants for $1,985.00(20% off – originally $2,485.00), and $397.00 for each new participant. 

Final key note - from the words of Coach Proctor, “The 21-day challenge is about committingto oneself and showing up for oneself in order to get to the best possible version of themselves that they can.”–Coach Proctor