The Talent

Dr. Derek Van Benthuysen

As a collegiate track athlete in the early 1990s, my coaches helped instill in me the importance of healthy lifestyle choices and the impact that they have on performance. This experience awoke a passion inside of me to pursue a career in the wellness industry as a Doctor of Chiropractic. As a guardian of my patients’ health, I strongly feel that it is my responsibility to exemplify living healthy, not just physically, but in my ever positive outlook on life and in the way that I value and treat other people. My drive for wellness increases my effectiveness as a doctor and makes me a better husband and father.

The rampant epidemic of preventable chronic illness in this country fuels the fire of my mission to inspire healthy living. I consider myself a “Dad on a Mission” to help reshape the landscape of this country’s health to create a true “Health Care System” rather than the “Disease Care System” we currently have.

I strive to inspire other to make a series of small, simple changes that , as the months and years go by, will add up to creating a massive positive impact on the health of not only this generation, but the generations to come. 

 My name is Dr. Derek Van Benthuysen and I am a Motivational Speaker and Wellness Coach with JG Wellness.

Dr. Alexander P. Russoniello, MD

As a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, who would have thought I would be a body builder at 61 years young! Although I worked out all my life, I didnt take bodybuilding seriously until I was in my 60s. What I have learned over the years is that taking control of my health has enhanced my ability to not only perform my duties as a surgeon, husband, father, but also that it has given myself a sense fulfillment and completeness. Wellness is way of life; you get one body when you come on this earth, and it is your responsibility to take care of and be in control of it. Keeping an open mind to nutrition and fitness will only improve your overall well-being. Even though Im in my 7th decade of my life I am still learning from individuals that are in their 20s, 30s, and 40s years of age. Bodybuilding to me is not just about getting bigger muscles. It also encompasses improved cardiovascular performance, conditioning, discipline, and ultimately my own wellness! Because of my dedication and focus towards achieving my goals, I was able to reach 2nd place in the NPC Masters Nationals in 2017. My hope is that all of you can learn from my endeavors, because overall wellness, fitness, and health are attainable to all. For those out there that say they cant make the time for their own health, I say: You have no excuses!

My name is Dr. Alexander Peter Russoniello and I am a Motivational Speaker and Wellness Coach at JG Wellness.

Dr. Manish Ramani, MD, MA

I have always strived for balance in all that I have done. Whether at home helping my father who has struggled with heart disease or in my own management of work, health and life, I have observed and studied and lived the principles that allow all things to function harmoniously and optimally. Achieving Wellness not only means having good physical health; it also means having coping strategies for stress and being positive. 

Since medical school I have taught Anatomy/Physiology, and tutored students in pathology, pathophysiology, and neuroscience. I have also published two case studies on atypical presentation of Parkinson’s 

I am currently working at Hudson Regional Hospital as a case manager, seeking out balance between patients best care options and their access to the proper resources. This experience has given me incite as to what treatments are necessary and cost effective for the patient. My goal is to accurately determine what methods are best for companies that are looking to decrease their health insurance costs.

 My name is Dr. Manish Ramani and I am a Motivational Speaker and Wellness Coach at JG Wellness.

Coach Barbara Kehr Vernazza

I have been drawn to the holistic approach to health since I was 18. I realized the better my diet and the more active I was, the better I felt. With my first pregnancy I was determined to give my child the best start in life possible and thus I began to learn as much as I could. And to my dismay, I realized that a vast number of medications manage diseases rather than cure it; and in many cases the reliance of medications down the road, typically leads to more consumption of medications, if lifestyle modifications are not made. This chain reaction brings the body into a downward spiral over the course of years. What is really needed is a plan to achieve the ideal conditions for optimal health in the body. And in the case of holistic medicine, help cure or manage disease by treating the whole individual and not one facet of their condition. Adoption of this leads to a body that is more resistant to various chronic diseases caused by lifestyle factors; and so my journey began. I managed to avoid a tonsillectomy for my son solely through dietary change. I myself diverted debilitating hay fever, asthma, Lyme’s disease and Scleroderma by utilizing a holistic approach and in each case, the symptoms and most importantly, the disease itself was reversed. I also helped direct a young woman facing a total hysterectomy in her late 20’s due to endometriosis. Through simple dietary changes I am thrilled to say this 39 yr old woman is now the mother of four beautiful children! No drugs, no surgery, just a few dietary changes. Through evidence based medicine we can apply the supported research holistically to help reverse disease and therefore control one’s health without the use of medications. This very passion to improve health without the use of drugs, fueled my desire to help other’s to heal themselves as well. I went on to achieve my fitness trainer certification with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and began working for a renowned eastern fitness chain. But this wasn’t enough, as fitness does support health, but in most cases more is necessary. And for many, the desire for change is there, but the knowledge of how to start, or the motivation to keep on track is not. I discovered that’s where coaching comes into play and I went on to become certified as a Health and Wellness Coach. I have since furthered my knowledge by acquiring more certifications in nutrition. Through these modalities and my continued studies, I am equipped to support my clients in the best possible way, so they may achieve their personal best in health and wellness, through an integrated, holistic approach. My goal is to help you to be the best you can be…after all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

My name is Barbara Kehr Vernazza and I am a Motivational Speaker and Wellness Coach at JG Wellness.

Coach Reginald Proctor

As a young child, I always had something to say, but I just couldn’t say it; not because I didn’t have the words or my thoughts were scattered, nor was it the fear of public speaking; the truth is I stuttered.  I could not express what was on my mind and in my heart because the words just would not come out. Yes, the desire was always there but involuntarily disrupted. The ridicule and misunderstanding that ensued was extremely painful and caused a retracting of myself to the point that I turned inward. I let the words that would not come out, play inside my head and stick on the inside of my heart. My quest to overcome this obstacle was accomplished through my passion for helping others and singing. From the perspective of a person who chooses to not speak, I tend to listen more and analyze the decisions and behaviors displayed by individuals. I learned so much through listening that when the time came for me to speak I could not stop giving personalized advice. Now all I want to do is to help positively influence others that are going through hardships. From the words of Robert H. Schuller, “Tough times never last, but tough people do,” I toughen those that are unable to fight back, so that they can overcome the brief period of their health complications.

As a constituent of JG Wellness I now use my past to motivate and encourage the future of the individuals we help through our Corporate Wellness Program. I believe with the proper structure in place, paired with support, and accountability, we can help individuals create positive lasting changes in their lives; create the life they know they deserve, that they were born to live.

I am a motivational speaker of extreme positivity that encourages and inspires my audience to leave their hurts, disappointments, and failures in the past and reach for their passion, embrace their now and move towards establishing the future that they so powerfully desire. My message to individuals of any organization is simply, You Can Because You Are.

My name is Reginald Proctor and I am a Motivational Speaker and Wellness Coach at JG Wellness.

Coach Luke Aaron Valerio

Originally from London, England, I now reside in New Jersey working full time as a head soccer coach while also studying to become a physical therapist.

At high school I was always self-conscious about how much smaller I was compared to other children my age. It was around the age of 17 that I first walked into a gym and I’ve never looked back since!

I made it my goal to become bigger, fitter and healthier and this ultimately, along with soccer, turned into my passion. My love for working out and proper nutrition along with the help and guidance of various soccer coaches and close friends along the way, has led me to feeling much more confident, happier and of course, healthier! 

I played soccer at a high level in England for several years while also studying Sport and Exercise Science at Portsmouth University. Even after getting my Bachelor’s of Science degree I still wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to do which led me to travel to Australia, Thailand and Indonesia before finally accepting a job offer in New Jersey as a Professional trainer and Head soccer coach. In April 2016, 2 months after arriving in the U.S, I tore my patellar tendon and ended up spending 3 days a week for around 6 months at Physical Therapy. It was during this time that I decided I wanted to go into that field myself. I’ve always had a deep appreciation for human anatomy and this, along with a life-long love for exercise and a desire to help people improve their quality of life has led me to pursue this career path. 

As a wellness coach for JG Wellness, I will also help individuals reduce their risk of chronic diseases by prescribing effective exercise and nutrition programs. Through my abilities as a coach I will inspire, motivate, and be receptive to the needs of my clients.

My name is Luke Aaron Valerioand I am a Motivational Speaker and Wellness Coach at JG Wellness.