Proudly Partnered With...

MTS Nutrition

JG Wellness is proud to have Marc Lobliner, CEO of MTS Nutrition as a partner in the quest to improve the wellness of small businesses and corporations.This collaboration was made possible through the stark similarity of both MTS Nutrition’s and JG Wellness’s goals, and that is, prevention of non-communicable diseases through quality products and services thereby keeping health insurance costs low. What this means is JG Wellness can provide top quality supplements to employees at a discount. Another unique component of this collaboration is Mr. Lobliner’s willingness to join JG Wellness on speaking engagements about optimal nutrition for productivity in the workplace. Don’t be surprised if Mr. Lobliner comes through your headquarters to give a motivational speech.

Directional Wealth Management

When a wellness company partners with a financial planning firm, the question becomes, what is the purpose? In many cases your financial wellness ties into your physical wellness. Consider this, the burden of debt, especially immense debt causes a lot of stress and potentially major depressive disorder. There is a consensus in the medical community that stress and depression can lead to heart disease, hypertension, and substance abuse. A major symptom of this stress or depression is stress eating or no eating at all. To find more information, feel free to visit their website HERE.

Jim McCarthy CFP,ChFC  Christian Misa

Mr. Jim McCarthy, CFP and Mr. Christian Misa of Directional Wealth Management are passionate about getting your life back on track financially to help give you security. What this partnership does is create a task force of wellness coaches, doctors, and financial planners that help give patients or clients more confidence. Jim McCarthy, Christian Misa,and Jonathan Deck have one thing to say, “Are you ready to take control of your life and thrive, not survive?” 

Harlem Wizards

It is with great pride to have the world famous Harlem Wizards team up with JG Wellness to together deliver speaking engagements to schools across America about nutrition, exercise, mental well-being, and bullying! Our partnership will bring the wellness coaches, doctors, and Harlem Wizards athletes to schools and influence our youth to build self-confidence, health, and increased productivity in academics, athletics, and arts! To justify this mutual partnership the the world famous Harlem Wizards would like to leave you with this testimonial, “I want to thank THE HARLEM WIZARDS for what you did for our son. When he met you for the first time he had broken his femur months before. Once he got out of the wheelchair and the walker he was afraid to do a lot of things, until he met this amazing group of men called THE HARLEM WIZARDS. That night changed his fears of getting back to normal after having a broken leg. These men encouraged him to come out on the court and play basketball, to run, to have fun without fear. That night changed him, no longer was he afraid to push his self to heal, it helped him to bravely face another surgery to remove the rods in his leg. That night he wasn't afraid anymore, he was a Harlem Wizard player for a short period of time. Thank you for helping him to regain his own strength and courage he had within and press forward with everything he faces in life. Thank you for all you do for these kids and I'm sure the adults too.

Principal in Tulare, CA Mark Thompson said, “Of all the motivational speakers I had at the school, the Wizards were by far the best.”  Los Tules Middle School

We all look forward to coming to a school near you!