Celebrity Spotlight with Alisha Lee & Doug Oliver


The members of JG Wellness were given the honor to appear on Celebrity Spotlight with Alisha Lee and Doug Oliver on Cablevision. Guest speakers of the night were, Founder – Jonathan Deck, Co-Founder Gabriel PereaWellness Coach Reginald Proctor, and Medical Student Daniel Chen. Our goal of the night was to introduce our company to the Cablevision viewersand how we intend to help improve employee productivity and quality of life through our health and coaching services. Other topics we talked about were Type 2 diabetes prevention, management of low back pain, and proper nutrition. We are very grateful for this opportunity and look forward to another appearance on the Alisha Lee & Doug Oliver show again! 

Celebrity Spotlight with Alisha Lee & Doug Oliver


JG Wellness was invited back again on the Alisha Lee & Doug Oliver show on Cablevision. The major talking points wereon community health, decreasing childhood obesity, and the introduction of the Coach Proctor 21-day Challenge along with the JG Wellness Lifestyle Transformation. Key Speakers were, Founder – Jonathan Deck, Wellness Coach Reginald Proctor, Dr. Alexander Russoniello, and Harlem Wizard’s Athlete Big J – aka John Smith. As Dr. Alexander Russoniello stated, “The shift in the medical community is to focus more on proactive and not reactive methods to create long lasting health in patients.”JG Wellness is going to stand by and support this given shift through comprehensive wellness programs (nutrition and exercise), coaching, and access to health professionals. Our holistic approach to wellness will help give clients or patients a better quality of life.